The Great Vinchenzo serves all of central Israel, in and around Tel Aviv, and neighbouring areas. Recommended ages are from 2 to 9.

You can have The Great Vinchenzo for the time that suits you at your party or event. Every party is tailored specifically for the group present

A show can include:

  • Top-draw magic from The Great Vinchenzo (who is an award-winning professional magician and member of the Watford Association of Magicians as well)
  • Balloon modelling - all animals possible (or attempted)!
  • Larry the magic rabbit (pictured)- who actually performs mesmerising magic himself!
  • Music and dancing
  • Talent shows and prizes- the kids perform their talents for the judges and win prizes!
  • Juggling, jokes and complete fun for everyone!
Entertaining the queues at the Harry Potter book launch The Great Vinchenzo Entertaining children arounds the world